DocTom’s Author Interviews

Hello All,

Well, I figured if I’m going to review books, why not interview some authors?  I’m mainly going to emphasize new authors to give them a bit of publicity, especially if I really liked their work, which I’ll also review. I want to see how they think, and in order to do that I’m not going to use the standard ‘here’s a bunch of questions – answer them’ format.  I will conduct the interviews by e-mail, question by question, but hopefully that will make them more interesting. You be the judge!

Michael R. Hagan  27 July, 2016. Mike Hagan Interview. I’m going to start with Mike Hagan, author of DEMIURGE, Blood of the Innocent, a really great paranormal thriller. Just click here and meet Mike!



katekinnear7 September, 2016.  Kate Kinnear Interview. Kate is a poet and the author of Prostitute of State, currently available as a free read on BOOKKUS.  It’s a really well written drama about family,  intertwined with a Cold War espionage story.  I really loved it, as you can see from my review, and thought it would be great to interview Kate.  So just click here and meet Kate.



15 December, 2016. Atthys Gage Interview.  Atthys Gage likes to walk the line between reality and the paranormal.  His YA novel Spark is a perfect example.  I really enjoyed it, and you can read my review here. So I just had to know what makes a writer like Atthys tick, so I contacted him for an interview.  As expected, chatting with Atthys was as enjoyable as reading his book.  So click here and find out how someone comes up with an intelligent flicker of light!