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I love to hike and camp in the Adirondacks, one of the most beautiful spots on earth.  Whenever I’m there I always carry a camera, looking for new and beautiful views to capture.  I’ll be posting them as I find them, and I hope you enjoy them. (Remember to click on posted photos to enlarge!)

Post 1  Rollins Pond.  I often stay at Rollins, a lovely place out near Tupper Lake.  Here is a selection of evening and night scenes that I always enjoy. (Go to post).

Post 2. Ampersand Mountain and Wallface Pond, morning, evening and night. (Go to post).

Post 3.  Let’s say goodbye to winter and hello to spring!  But remember that the winter holds its own beauty, especially at Algonquin Mountain and Cascade Mountain.  (Go to post).

Post 4. Above the clouds!  Looking down from Mt. Marcy. (Go to post).

Post 5.  If you like the Adirondacks by day, you’ll love them by night. Adirondack Nights. (Go to post).




  1. Christine Pratt-Scanlon

    Beautiful site! I’m really looking forward to the publication of “The Agony of the Gods.”


    I, too, love the site….specially the picture a clear night in the adirondacks… of the most beautiful nights on earth…hat camera was used and is it unretouched????

    • tomwol5_wp

      Ellen, picture shot with a Nikon D800 for 20 sec. at f2.8. Only retouching would be slightly increasing contrast and exposure – not much different from what was done with film in the darkroom. Just a very clear and still night in mid-November.

  3. Tony Jones

    Really Lovely Photos: makes you realise how beautiful our planet can be. We should all live in peace and look after it.

  4. B. Lubs

    Hope the book has at least one world that looks like these photos!

  5. Ramona K.

    The pictures are beautiful, love the night sky. Can’t wait to read the book.

  6. Chris

    Love the added photos, Tom. You’re turning into a 21st Century Ansel Adams!

  7. Kate Kinnear

    Just stopped by to tell you again how very much I enjoyed ‘Agony of the Gods.’ I look forward to reading more tales spun from your remarkable creative mind. Also — your author interviews are not only informative, but very entertaining.

    Bravo! Well done on everything you do! I think it would be quite an experience to sit with you in some coffee shop and spend an afternoon talking.


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