1. Doris

    Impressive introduction to Kate Kinnear! It is nice to see how good writing can come from all sorts of creative wellsprings. I can’t wait to check out Ms. Kinnear’s poetry and to read Prostitute of State!

  2. Maurice E Cullison

    I am not a big reader, but I intend to give Kate’s (Kathy Roche) book a look. I have known Kathy since she was a young girl (we grew up in the same town). She is an awesome lady and I didn’t know she was an aspiring writer until recently!
    Your interview with her was quite revealing and (I thought) well written!

  3. Randy Hardin

    Until recently, I didn’t even know that this remarkable woman was a writer. I have read snippets of her Facebook posts and it became clear of how amazingly talented Kate (Kathy as I have known her) truly is. She has intrigued me in the past during her years as a tavern owner with great observation and she intrigues me again with her writing.


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