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Hello All,

I’ve decided to add a new feature – book reviews.  I’m staying away from best sellers and well known authors and looking for new and interesting books and writers.  When I find some really interesting or well written works I’ll review them here.  All in all I hope to give some newbe’s a little help in getting their books recognized.

And now a book about a serial killer:

The Life and Times of Dinah Marton by R.F. Bruce. Read my review:

If you liked One Green Bottle by Curtis Bausse, you’ll love his second Magali Rousseau mystery Perfume Island.

Read my review:

Enjoy short stories? Then give With Our Eyes Open a try.  A collection of short stories by numerous new and previously published authors – all good reads!

Read my review:

Like a good crime procedural?  Then One Green Bottle by Curtis Bausse is for you!

Read my review:

For all of you YA fans, Spark by Atthys Gage might really light a fire under you!

Here’s my review:


Here’s a good one! Prostitute of the State by Kate Kinnear – a prodigal comes home/spy story!  I really enjoyed this one!

Read my review here.  d34b654f6f9e6a7f2abcfc10859f01bf-bpfull

My first review (read it here) is of a really good paranormal thriller – Demiurge, Blood of the Innocent by Michael R. Hagan.

Demiurge Final Ebook (2)