A Day at Sipi Falls

Sipi Falls is an absolutely beautiful place near the eastern edge of Uganda, right at the  northwest corner of the Mt. Elgon national Park.  It’s a well known spot for hikers to visit and is famous for the falls, but also for its coffee.

We got to stay at the lovely Sipi River Lodge. If you ever get a chance to visit Uganda, I highly recommend this place.

Our lodging at Sipi Falls
Dining room and main lodge.

From the front door we had a great view of the Middle Falls.

The view of the Middle Falls at sunset is superb.

We took a short hike around the area.

The view from the road is amazing. The Mt. Elgon Park is a pile of layered volcanic rocks, and the land just drops off to the west.
View of the Upper and Middle Falls from the road.
And then there’s the Lower Falls.

This area is world famous for its arabica coffee, and coffee plantations dot the hills. One of the things you can do is take a coffee tour.

A local farmer explains the planting process.
He shows off his coffee plants and then we can pick some beans (the red ones are ripe).
Next comes the processing (basically shelling the beans).

We took a quick break from the coffee tour for an important visitor.

First we had to find him though.
There he is. A chameleon stopped by to say Hello.

From the plantation we took our beans back to the lodge.

Martin, our guide for the tour, cooked the beans, then ground them (below).

Of course the joy of coffee comes from drinking it! Superb!

The next day, as we moved on to our next location, we stopped for the view.  I think the two pictures below speak for themselves.

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