Murchison Falls National Park Day1 – The Falls and Camp

First day at Murchison Falls. As we neared the Falls we were greeted by some locals.

A group of Black and White Colobus monkeys watched us go by.
As this old wise man wondered about the meaning of life.

Of course then there was mom and baby ignoring us.

Baboons were common on the road.


The Murchison Falls Park was incredible. I got to enjoy one of my favorite passtimes – photography.  As you can see, most of the time I spent was looking through a camera lens.

My normal pose during the safari.

When we arrived, the first thing we did was head for the Falls, but on the way we had to pass a swampy area. We were advised to close all the windows in the van.  The problem? The tse-tse fly. This nasty little sucker carries sleeping sickness. Luckily, they were just around a swamp about a kilometer from the falls, so one we got past that spot, the flys were gone.

This little sucker was on the van side window while we were doing about 30mph. Persistent!


The falls are fantastic. A massive water flow through a cataract.  They start from above, then flow through a narrow gorge which twists slightly. The result is water shooting upwards after hitting the rock wall. The locals named this the “Devil’s Cauldron” because they thought it represented demons coming up from the underworld.Then the water flows into the Nile.

Top of the cataract
The Devil’s Cauldron
The two falls at Murchison. The Devil’s Cauldron on the right.
Once past the Cauldron it’s a quick drop and then a rapid flow into the Nile.

We had a great group of people with us from all over the world. Made the trip a lot of fun.

My wife Marcia, with Yevgeny from Israel and Mike from Great Britain.

From the Falls we headed for the campsite.

We opted to stay in a tent. Luckily, no bugs. Also no hippos or warthogs (we were told to be careful after dark since they often come to visit!

The campsite. We stayed in a tent.

Meals were enjoyable, and the outdoor eating area was very comfortable.

Dining at the campsite.
Another view of the outdoor eating area.

And there were always those looking for a handout.

Weavers danced around the meal area. A little taste of what was to come the next day.

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